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Introduction, Download & Installation

Touch is the most common interface in smartphones for gaming. However, touch control itself is a lot inconvenient for the gamer, because his fingers can cover the screen, hard to play continuously for a longer time. SHAKS Mapping Services offered by SHAKS Gamepad is to open the new way to play game controller over the mobile touch-only game more comfortably and efficiently.
The Mapping Service is being provided by SHAKS GameHub Application, applicable for SHAKS higher range of series, S2i, S3i, and higher version. This app is not working with other branded products.
We recommend reading this manual, and you may need to update the gamepad firmware via SHAK GameHub App. Please download the latest GameHub App and check the firmware. Note that Mapping Service is only available now for Android Smart Phone, and some game publishers (or developers) put a strong limitation on their games for this service for whatever reason, which is beyond our control.


SHAKS GameHub Download
Search "SHAKS GameHub" on Google Play and download it or, scan this QR code for download
Compatible Gamepad
This app is compatible with SHAKS S2, S2i, S3i, S5i, or S5b and its future version.
iOS, Windows, Android 6.0 less (Samsung Note) are not supported. SHAKS S1+ can be used with ShootingPlus V3.
Firmware update to the latest one
Inside of application setting, you can click to upgrade firmware. The update will be made only in cable-connected status to avoid any potential damage run by the battery.
This manual is written for firmware S2i (200012), S3i(300013), S5i/b (300013), and later versions.

Connection to Smartphone, External Display

Gamepad mode set and connection
For mapping service, you must connect it in "Mapping mode". Mapping and Android mode are two different modes. Android phones can pair each one of two-mode. Switching between two-mode (Android Mapping), please DELETE the previously paired log, and pairing newly once again. Please click to see the mode and paring section in each model's manual. Unless switching the model, it can be repaired automatically previously set.
Note) Connected, but appearing "mode(error)" message
Gamepad mode changed, but the phone connect it under the previous mode (i,e android mode)
This message comes out because the phone is connected to Android mode. So, such a connection log must be deleted and be paired newly.
Solution 1: Select "Delete" and pair Bluetooth again
Solution 2: if above 1 is not workable, do
Go to smartphone Bluetooth setting
Search gamepad paired in the list
Delete its connection log
Close the setting menu
After a few seconds, go back to Bluetooth setting screen, confirm its deletion
And pair the gamepad again by pairing key in 5-6 second long pressing
Install app and allow the permit
Install the app following to guide, and please allow "permit drawings over other apps". This is mandatory to map the key/button over the game screen.
Set External Display
This is for you to play the game over the TV or big screen cabled with your phone via USB-C hub or mirroring. GameHub app is detecting such a display and pops up for screen selection. If no pop-up screen, please check your phone is supporting an external display.
Screen selection: Phone screen or TV (Monitor) screen
When the external screen is connected via USB-C or mirroring, the screen pop-up displays one time automatically, with an option to adjust. You can see the resolution of the monitor and its name. Please click "yes" to use it. If select "no", all the connected screen is not external type.
If there are black-screen (called "letterbox") comes out (due to non-match with phone resolution), please click Yes on "apply letterbox correction" to adjust the screen.
Android 10 may not be supported properly according to the phone vendor. Please check the phone OS update.
If you adjust the resolution inside of your phone setting menu, the mapping position change automatically. Please exit from the game and mapping again according to the new resolution.

Play mapping game

If there is no game played yet, this screen pops up. .Show the recently played game list
Playing game
Registered game: List of games selected by you (max. 10 possible to list)
If your game is not in the list, please click "Add+" for mapping setting
Add games into the registered list

Search Game on my phone and play

Display with mapping data first
Select the game already inside of your phone
By accessing SHAKS server, if there are preset mapping data, show the list to download according to the editor, recommend, download by number.
Check phone model, screen resolution or memo in each data, select & download. Once installed, this is added to the game list.

Search and download from uploaded file

If you upload your mapping file before, you can download it whenever you want. This is useful when you change your phone or delete all data in the application or phone initialized to restore your data.
Download mapping data
If the game is already installed, you can download mapping data directly.
If not installed, the below message pops up. or you can download mapping data only, you can click SHAKS logo icon.

Search by SNS code

Search mapping data by SNS code shared. input the code and search
Download mapping data
If the game is already installed, you can download mapping data directly.
If not installed, the below message pops up. or you can download mapping data only, you can click SHAKS logo icon.

Game play from the registered game list

Not Uploaded Mapping Data.
Downloaded Mapping Data.
With mapping data, a screen pops up. (this work correctly above Android 8) .
Play now
Play & Edit mode
Delete from the list
Play now
Game start with mapping data set. Not possible to edit the mapping. If there is no mapping data associated with the game, this screen does not appear.
Play & Edit mode
SHAKS icon pops up to allow mapping edit option over the gameplay screen
During gameplay, it is possible to edit the mapping as per the game scene or play style
Go to see Mapping Edit section for detail
Upload your file into cloud server
You can upload the mapping data into SHAKS Gamehub and server
Recommend to send screenshot together for the future play and edit
Recommend to add a few texts about mapping data
Once the upload is completed, shared code is issued, which can be used in searching and SNS sharing
Sharing with your friend
Share mapping data with your friend vis SNS. copy and paste it to your favorite SNS.
This code can be used to search your mapping data
Delete from the list
Delete the game from the registered list

How to edit mapping

Going into edit mode
By touch SHAKS icon, the edit menu bar appears on the screen. total 16 buttons can be mapped in matching with gamepad key/button
- A, B, X, Y, LB/RB (L1/R1 bumper), LT/RT (L2/R2 trigger) x 8
- D-pad) up, down,left/right x 4
- L3/R3 clickable button x 2
- LS/RS x 2
Each button/key of the gamepad is touching its mapped position. Drag and drop the icon into the place you want to leave
Once the layout is finished, click "V" to save.

Mapping Menu Bar

By pressing the 6 dot area, you can move the menu bar to any place on the screen
Multi-mapping data can be stored up to each A, B, X, Y (4 max). To apply it into the game, press the short key + A, B.X, Y simultaneously for turning it one by one. For depth setting, look below in-depth guide.
Play immediately by loading mapping data from app storage or cloud server
Delete: clearing all data currently over the screen for editing
Call background picture: For easier mapping, call the game playing screen from the server to allow mapping over it. This is prepared for a certain game, which does not show the game scene during the introduction stage.
Activate the background picture or not. for the easier mapping process
X: exit without saving
V: save & exit
High level mapping - Button
If press 2 seconds more one of A, B, X, Y, RB, LB, LT, RT, then a higher-level mapping feature pops up.
- Input X, Y value for precisely positioning the button, to more accurately control the game screen. Resetting is going to the initial value
- Button works On or Off) toggle type
- Joystick action by L-stick: While pressing one button, if you move L-stick, it works like a joystick from the point of that button. This is useful to simulate drug-like action. 다.
- Same as Joystick action by L-stick, but this is assigned to R-stick
Higher level mapping - stick setting
If the move sticks are more than 2 seconds, then a higher-level mapping feature pops up.
- Input X, Y value for precisely positioning the button, to more accurately control the game screen. Resetting is going to the initial value
- Joystick control to each direction & moving
- Drag-type: the stick is forward & back repeating. This is to move the screen or camera view angle.
Sensitivity: Less sensitivity, Less moving. Adjust the speed (in drag mode) and range of movement (in joystick mode)
According to stick type, one joystick (left) and drag type (right)
Joystick Drag
Call mapping data
Select mapping data load icon
Instead of making a new one, this is to allow to use of pre-set mapping data. It is also possible to the data made in other games.
Registered game: If the new game is similar to the one already registered, you can call its data to apply to the new game.
Call the shared mapping data from the cloud server. Call to download among A, B, X, Y mapping data.
Select background picture
Exampling Xiaomi phone, some smartphones are not allowing "the drawing over the app" or editing is impossible, you can generate mapping data using background pictures captured in the main scene of the game.

Note) Please give note on below points.

take a screenshot.
Load Screenshot.
We don't recommend doing mapping over the critical game scene (for example, hunting, playing, etc). Instead, it is better to edit with background picture captured or do mapping in game lean or training section
If there is a key setting menu, recommend editing mapping on that screen
- Brawl Stars: right upper ≡ menu → Settings → Edit Controls → Edit Controls in under the screen.
- PUBG MOBILE: Settings → Controls → Customize
Note) Editing over game playing screen is not recommended. Please edit it over "tutorial (training) mode".
In mapping mode, only turbo, snipper functions allow working.
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