Update of SHAKS Gamehub app for S6 protocol change and macro.

Hello, this is SHAKS.
First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who purchased the SHAKS S6b model. We are extremely grateful for your explosive popularity along with the success of funding.
However, we have confirmed that there is an issue where the Google Assistant or Bixby on your smartphone is activated when pressing the M1 button on the gamepad, which is different from our original intent, causing inconvenience while playing games. Therefore, we have prepared a modified firmware and patched version to address this issue.
We have resolved this issue by relocating it to a different key that does not function on Android. This firmware is an emergency patch version prepared to resolve the inconvenience more quickly. We will make every effort to develop a more improved version in the future.
To ensure smooth usage, please update both the firmware and app.
Improved S6 firmware version: 600008
Improved app update version: 3.0.106
In addition, we have improved the macro registration process to handle cases where the macro is not registered smoothly or even if the macro is registered, it may not work properly. You can now directly confirm that the macro works for the time you press it.
If there are too many actions recorded in the macro, only the actions within a certain range of time from the first macro input will be registered, and some actions may be cut off, so not all macro actions may work until the end.
Please note this if you need macros.
Macros work regardless of gamepad mode. Therefore, if you first register a macro through Android mode and then switch to the desired mode, the macro will work in that mode.
When in mapping mode, directly enter the mapping data as the final step after sufficiently editing it, and after pairing again in mapping mode, be sure not to run the app to play the game.
Since macro data is not stored in mapping data, registering mapping data through the app can deactivate the macro data in the gamepad.
We plan to prepare a function for registering and creating macros from mapping data. If there is a game that you absolutely need, please record the macro operation and send the video, game title, and macro operation method to []. If we make it, we will send a reply by email to the customer who sent the message.
There are also several patch items that apply to all customers.
Changed the location of the battery information in the gamepad pop-up window to be displayed under the gamepad icon.
Fixed an issue where data slots cannot be changed when attempting to map on Android 7 devices.
Improved the design for some smartphones where the app's horizontal length is too narrow and it is difficult to confirm sufficient information.
Clean up text in macro title or description that starts or ends with a line break (Enter) or space.
Set it to automatically record the button information pressed when recording macros for the first time.
Emphasize the background around the button when recording macros to indicate that the macro is currently being recorded. Be sure to finish recording macros and proceed with saving or canceling.
Thank you very much for always loving our product.