🇺🇸 EN (Android) Workaround when the gamepad is not responding.

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2022/09/07 14:15
최종 업데이트일시
2023/09/13 02:00
This issue addresses an issue that only occurs with Android device users.

Check gamepad operation.

If you think the game pad is not working well, run a browser or a normal app, and then press the button below to confirm normal operation.
Back to SHAKS S2 series [←] button
SHAKS S3 Series Home [□] button ← If you lift the bracket, it's inside.
Back to SHAKS S5 series [◁] button
These buttons are used as Android's operating system buttons. If you are using this function with a button prepared on the gamepad, run the SHAKS GameHub app and check the button behavior.
If the buttons do not work, or if they work, but have a different reaction, such as the wrong key working when testing the button, please proceed with the game pad pairing again. (For example, when I press the L2 button, the gauge of the R2 button goes up, or there is no response when I press it.)

Guidance unknown input devices.

This article covers an issue where gamepads cannot be used with game apps that normally support them. This can be any gamepad available for Android devices.
As the software technology of smartphones advances, the use of auxiliary programs using system technology sometimes causes unintended operation, and the game pad does not work.
Also, you can check the following message when conducting the gamepad test on the SHAKS Gamehub app.
In particular, this is the case in all cases where the game pad does not work on Xbox Game Pass or Steam Link game app, so the game is not available.

Accessibility setting problem.

Most of the reasons for this problem are the use of accessibility apps. You can often experience this problem if you set your smartphone's behavior to be arbitrarily controlled directly in the app through the accessibility app.

Quick Troubleshoot

If your smartphone provides an initialization menu for accessibility settings, it is also recommended to initialize the entire accessibility function.
삼성 스마트폰의 경우 for Samsung Smart Devices
Settings → General Management → Reset → Reset accessibility settings
The accessibility setting initialization function initializes various functions for convenience, which can cause inconvenience in using a smartphone as there are many set items.

How to fix yourself

The apps below are typically related to accessibility features, and you may have problems when you use them.
Automatic Clickable Applications.
QuickTouch - Automatic Clicker
Simple Auto Clicker
Smartphone Button(Volume Up/Dn, Bixby button, etc.) Tweakable App
Amazon Assistant
Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions
Remote Controllable Application
AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software
TeamViewer Universal Add-On
Turn off or completely delete the features of these suspicious accessibility apps and try again.
Sometimes, due to the internal OS of the smartphone, it must be rebooted after all of these settings.

The game's own limitations

Occasionally, the gamepad is restricted by itself in the game. It is determined by the operating circumstances of the game, so you must check this part.