Introduce SHAKS Account Deletion Service

Hi, this is SHAKS.
SHAKS Game Hub is now providing an account deletion service to protect customers' personal information while complying with each app store's policy that requires the ability to completely remove app usage records.
This service not only deletes data stored within the app but also deletes all server data saved through the account.
The deleted account will be logged out from all logged-in devices. However, data stored within the app may remain on devices with older app versions that do not support remote data deletion. If you want complete deletion, please make sure to delete the app.
The account deletion service is currently available in-app or through the customer service center, but a dedicated web page for deletion will soon be provided. Deleted accounts are being regularly and thoroughly cleared of all information.
To delete an account through the web page or customer service center, the following information is required:
Email address used during registration (Guest login customers are exempt.)
Automatically generated member ID
We can only assist with account deletion if these two pieces of information match exactly. Please understand that we cannot help with any missing member ID information.
To confirm your automatically generated member ID, please follow these steps:
Launch the SHAKS Game Hub app.
Touch the speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner and select "Account Management."
Touch your nickname or the "GUEST" section. The ID will be copied to your clipboard with the message "ID copied."
Submit the copied information to the customer service center or dedicated web page.
This member ID is very important for app services. Please be careful not to share it randomly.
There is a period of about 3 days before the account is completely deleted from the server. If you happen to relaunch the app or sign up again before the account is properly deleted, the request for account deletion will be automatically revoked and you can use the account normally again. If more than 3 days have passed, please contact us.
Thank you.